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Hell, Jane

Hell, Jane

A matie roll and a flens with a view of the sea: pure happiness for author Jane Hell.

Her debut novel "Fischbrötchen und Zuckerstreusel" (Fish Rolls and Sugar Sprinkles) convinces with quick-witted dialogs and helps against acute sea longing. And Jane knows all about that: The Schleswig-Holstein native lived in southern Germany for many years until she returned to the Baltic Sea with child and cone.

She calls herself a coastal wimp because she prefers to swim in the sea in a wetsuit. She is afraid of fire jellyfish.
Jane wants her readers to forget everyday life and taste the sea air for a short moment and feel the tingling of a new love in their stomachs.

"If I can do that, I will have accomplished my mission as an author!"

Visit Jane at www.janehell.de

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