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Krauser, Uwe

Krauser, Uwe

Uwe Krauser was born near Cologne in 1971 and has been running a small, award-winning hotel in the shallows of the Bavarian Forest with his husband Oliver for 14 years. The trained educator lived in Spain for many years, but has found his home in the tranquil resort of Bodenmais. He prefers a hike through the partially untouched forests to any stroll through town.

He is particularly interested in the fascinating world of insects. He adopted two street dogs from abroad, Phoebe and Layla, which inspired him to write his two novels "Phoebe - Eine Straßenhündin checkt ein" and "Layla - Heldin auf vier Pfoten". The children's novel "Rosalie, the Fire Bug" is scheduled for publication in the first quarter of 2021.

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