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Einzelgänger - Einzelgänger - Musica Gymnastica
Musica Gymnastica
Lb Records
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A brand new trio:EINZELGÄNGER! The first EP MUSICA Gymnastica will be released end of 2016.
Trombonist / composer Louk Boudesteijn (New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, Fullduplexx, Paul van Kemenade, Paul Weller, Special Request Horns, Metropole Orchestra e.v.a.) wanted to do something with a small team consisting of only trombone, saxophone and guitar. With this line in mind, he wrote a new repertoire that leaves much room for pure improvisation.
Louk came saxophonist Nils of mayfly (Dutch Jazz Orchestra, Clazz ensemble, Bob Brookmeyer's New Art Orchestra ) against, and they appeared to share the same enthusiasm for this occupation and then also guitar hero Anton Goudsmit (The Ploctones, New Cool Collective, Estafest, and many more) himself was involved with it was the trio a fact. Anton and Louk had just done a tour with the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, which inspired enormously to do more together. The lyrical saxophone giant Nils, music bouncing Anton and creative fan Louk would sometimes be able to provide some excitement. They are themselves very curious what will bring this combination! Exciting it is safe with supple musical trio that all sides want to be able to go on and use influences from different styles to improvise with. The men bend over backwards to and through each other where no movement is shunned,
In short: MUSICA Gymnastica!


1. Koppie Krauw
2. Wenn drei einzelgänger den blues haben
3. Moppie
4. Flyte
5. Musica Gymnastica
6. Tikkiejijbentum
7. Jesse James
8. La Danse Tantra de L'Huy Préau
9. Danse Burlesque
10. Einzelhymne
11. Tjik a boem a tjik
12. Surfer Girl
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