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dEmotional - Discovery

dEmotional - Discovery

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Release: 24.11.2017
Musicstyle: Rock
Label: Art Gates Records

dEmotional - Discovery

Articlenumber: AGR- 166
EAN: 8429006043149


"dEMOTIONAL is an up-rising, promising sextet hailing from Sweden, formed in 2009 with the aim to step and be in the front line of the new wave of Swedish metal bands. The band is not only recognized for their music but also for their sense of fashion and style on and off stage. The audience is thrilled to see head banging rockers in suites, and not only trashy jeans and tank tops like common metal bands typically wore. Releasing two albums of studio "State: In Denial" (2013) and "Tarassis"; (2015) and numerous shows in Scandinavia and Europe (sharing stages with Arch Enemy, Entombed ...) plus a headlining tour in Russia. Watch & listen to the brand new singles "All That It Takes". "Discovery" is the band's third full length album."