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Embryo - Embryo - A step beyond divinity
A step beyond divinity
Art Gates Records
Release Date
Death Metal
Article Number
AGR- 170
The band was born in the year 2000. Combining the most brutal Death Metal with atmospheric arrangements Embryo defines their sound as technical but keeping the essence of the Old School.

After releasing three albums of studio: ”Chaotic Age”, ”No God Slave” (2010) and ”Embryo” 2015) and sharing stages internationally with artists such as Keep of Kalessin, Melechesh, Nile, Tribulation ... Embryo are ready to unleash their new and fourth full length on October 27th (Spain) and November 24th through Art Gates Records worldwide.

1. The Same Difference
2. Overwhelming Your Disgust
3. Vanguard For The Blind
4. Painting Death
5. Looking For The Divine
6. Solitaria 1519
7. Leonardo
8. The Greatest Plan
9. Bastard Of The Brood
10. Mouth Of Shame
11. Witness Of Your Life
12. The Horror Carved
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