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The Third Grade - The Third Grade - Deeper, Darker
Deeper, Darker
The Third Grade
Art Gates Records
Release Date
Article Number
AGR- 167
"The Spanish 4-pieced combo The Third Grade joins the family of Art Gates Records with the ultimate aim of releasing their new opus in 2017 and enhance their musical career from now on.
The Third Grade are a Metal outfit which combines in a pretty particular way the genres of Rock & Prog along with pasajes classic and symphonic passages; having the vocals, harmonies and melodies a leading role in the music of the band.
The Third Grade means complexity, melody & feeling in its purest form.
The latest album "Deeper, Darker" (2016), will be distributed through Art Gates Records worldwide in the following months.
Right now The Third Grade are immersed in the production process of their new opus, due out this summer."

1. The Call Of Kharon
2. Closer
3. Blanket
4. Phoenix
5. Memories
6. Triangle
7. Snowfall
8. Long Road Home
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