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Vinegar Hill - Vinegar Hill - Ghost Flowers
Ghost Flowers
Vinegar Hill
Art Gates Records
Release Date
Article Number
AGR- 173
Vinegar Hill is a 5-piece melodic death metal combo from the green heart of Austria. With heart, mind and passion they create their own style, their own interpretation of what's the next step of the classic MDM such as In Flames, Dark Tranquillity or At The Gates, but never threatened to sound like them. In the last 10 years Vinegar Hill designed their own sound with a high memorability. Want a proof of their sound? Check the band's latest video for Risk to Fall on Youtube.

After releasing 2 LP's & several singles and performing at several shows and festivals Vinegar Hill are ready to take a bigger step in their career with the signing of Art Gates Records and the release of their third album of studio. This next record will be the heaviest, darkest and of course fastest album they've done so far. Nonetheless it will be a very serious one and will also have it's melancholic and sorrowful moments. All in all it will be a great, balanced and experienced piece of music! The new album ”Ghost Flowers” is set up to be released on December 1st 2017.

1. The Fortress Above The Sun
2. Last Piece Of Me
3. Sinner To Be Saint
4. Ghost Flowers
5. Void
6. Here With You
7. Epiphany
8. The Shift Of Reasons
9. The Pale Conjurer
10. In Carving Memory
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