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From North - From North - From North 2017
From North 2017
From North
Downfall Records
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"The album invites you to an enjoyable listening with a mixture of heavy riffs songs to unadorned songs with texts taken from the norse mythology consisting of gods, vikings and other beings. The band has a large and dynamic sound that is backed by a well-made backtrack consisting of alot of medieval instruments.
-Comes with an 8-page booklet with lyrics + bandphoto and 2-side inlay! +track 3 is BONUS on CD!

Necromance Digital Magazine (SP) – 10/10
Jenny Tate – 10/10
Rock Overdose (GR) – 90/100
Legacy Magazin (D), #110 – 9/13
Metal is Forever Alive (D) – 8.5/10
World of metal (por) 8,5/10
The Metal observer (uk) – 8/10
A Different Shade of Black Metal Zine – 8/10
Folk-Metal.nl – 8/10
Gaveta de Bagunca – 8/10
Powermetal.de 8/10

1. volund the smith
2. he who hates
3. last appeal(bonus on CD!)
4. ships tale
5. mead of poetry
6. sworn brotherhood
7. the sacred oath
8. ormr inn langi
9. the catch
10. the longest wait
11. from north
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