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Peter Ehwald & Ensemble ~su - Peter Ehwald & Ensemble ~su - TAUCHEN
Peter Ehwald & Ensemble ~su
Production Gogeum
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Peter Ehwald, Jazz Saxophonist, composer, and member of various groups, is a free soul. When performing he seeks to connect with his audience in every moment. After diverse studies, teaching engagements at universities, prizes and worldwide tours, he is still constantly on the search for his own voice. A gifted improviser guided by his distinct conceptual thinking, he is always striving play freely and with spontaneity. "I don't want to communicate that I have listened quite a bit to Joe Lovano. I want to communicate feelings," he says. "I’m interested in musicians who are able to create a strong sound.” Berlin provides the base for this encounter. Born in Seoul, the percussionists and performers Kim Bo-Sung and Shin Hyo Jin grew up here. Educated in both European classical music and Korean traditional music, as Ensemble ~su they seek to disrupt and expand their grasp of music and create performative forms and sounds of their own. They met Peter Ehwald in December 2010 during a two months interdisciplinary residency which was the starting point for their collaboration. Ensemble ~su and the always playful composer started a quest into the unknown, venturing on a journey of sound that transgresses all borders. Together they explore the melodic parts of rhythmic patterns with diverse origins. In the traditional Korean understanding of music, the length of changing metre and musical form is defined by the performers’ co-ordinated breathing andempathy. The resulting sound of a single melody instrument and a broad range of Korean percussion instruments is fascinating, because Peter Ehwald has found a way to play with listeners' expectations, the ensemble fluent in their references to various styles and idioms.
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