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Autorin Anna Kupka wurde mit ihrem Buch "Mollys wundersame Reise" mit dem Spiegel Bestseller ausgezeichnet.

First Spiegel Bestseller For Anna Kupka


"The little book for big insights. It was meant to be a book for children ... and became a favourite among adults", that's how Nova author Anna Kupka describes her bestseller "Mollys wundersame Reise", which made it into the top 20 of the Spiegel Besteller charts in the "non-fiction/pocketbook" section.

Written with sensitivity and empathy, "Mollys wundersame Reise" leads readers in just a short time to the magical place that lies deep within them, just waiting to be discovered. Unique in its transformative effect on readers of all ages, "Mollys wundersame Reise" is one of the most requested and most frequently gifted books on Amazon. Accompanied by the beautiful illustrations of artist Carole Isler.

We congratulate Anna Kupka on this great success!