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Awaiting Dawn - Awaiting Dawn - Leave No Trace
Leave No Trace
Awaiting Dawn
Castle Road Records
VÖ Datum
In late 2008, the band recorded their first EP "Changing Days", meanwhile clearly evolved to a prog metal band, and self-released it in 2009. A time of almost only live events passed and the band more and more craved a keyboardist to complete the gap in the sound the band always imagined. They finally found their man in Peter Schnur, luckily meeting each other at a common gig with another band Peter were playing in. After being attired in the band's style, Peter joined the others shortly after and completed the band's lineup, after what the song material was rearranged and expanded. In the middle of 2011, the band was forced to do a longer break as Felix Benz (drums) battled a skin cancer disease. Luckily, the guys could continue in 2012, though Matthias Platz decided to leave the band due to health and job reasons at the end of that year. He was shortly after followed by Wolfgang Schneider on Guitar in early 2013, who was originally a bass player, but converted to guitar for Awaiting Dawn. With this new line-up, the whole material was revisited once more and then presented live on various occasions. The band participated in the German band contest “SPH”, proceeding to the semi-final and receiving terrific feedback. In the middle of 2015, the band finally started recordings for their long-term planned debut LP. The recordings went on until spring 2016 and were done partly at Bazement Studio Hünstetten and other locations, the final mix and mastering was done in the very same studio. In spring 2016, Awaiting Dawn performed as support act for popular German progmetal act “Vanden Plas”. Not very much later, the album was finished and named “Leave No Trace”, a title symbolizing the melancholic concept of the band. In huge personal effort, the band shot a video clip to the song “The Bountiful Colors Of Black” with the ambitious filmer Christophe Maaß. The band is now heading to release their debut album and present themselves to a bigger audience with the attempt to convince the people of the values of honest, intelligent, varied and independent, uncommon music.

Track Listing
1. Torn
2. The Bountiful Colors of Black
3. And Heaven Full of Clouds
4. Breakout
5. The Machinery
6. Get Immune
7. My Deepest Affliction
8. A Life Lost
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