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Rico Puestel - Rico Puestel - Intermixtures Vol. 1
Intermixtures Vol. 1
Rico Puestel
VÖ Datum
After leaving some profound footprints with his cutting-edge debut on Cocoon Recordings and his second album on SOSO, 2017 has a further gem and premiere ready in the guise of Rico Puestel's first official mix CD.
Like experiencing all seasons of a year or most diverse moods from the span of a lifetime at a single blow of one hour within an intensely natural habitat, Rico Puestel showcases his peculiar and vigorously personality-driven amalgam of these things called House, Techno, Electronica, Ambient and beyond.
Starting off with a state of mystery, the journey lightens up and drifts into a sun-drenched coitus of groove, slightly falling back into a vast scenery that feels larger than life, closing circles -- somehow refined since its launch.
"Intermixtures Vol. 1" is filled with mostly never-heard-before material and selected nuggets that fortunately could be signed exclusively to Ponsactrilau and this singular mix. Representing some of the highlights, Rico Puestel delivers a remake of his 2009 Robsoul tune "Born 1920" from the likes of &Me, DJ T. or Deetron at the time, hanisii crafted some special edits for this mix and Foége, D_n or Warren, I lead the way with some protruding atmospheres.
An ageless CD that surely can't be missing in a sincere electronic music enthusiasts collection!

01. An Ynch - Twenty-One
02. Warren, I - Hayward
03. Ranston - Gone
04. Stoors - Aug2k6
05: D_n - Theta
06. The Last Char - Oo_16
07. Estanza - HAUS
08. Rico Puestel - Born 1921
09. hanisii - SMMR Beat Tool
10. hanisii - The Esquire Tool
11. Mirrer - Rosenfield
12. Foége - KLEÏ
13. Chamber Thirteen - Goodbye
14. Chamber Thirteen - For
15. Chamber Thirteen - Now
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