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Andrack, Manuel

Andrack, Manuel

1965 born in Cologne. Left bank of the Rhine. Grew up in Cologne-Ostheim
1984-1990 studied theater, film, television, German language and literature, art history in Cologne. No wanderings as a student.
2000-2007 Sidekick of Harald Schmidt. 2001 German Television Award, 2002 Beer Ambassador, 2003 German Television Award
2005 First book and bestseller "Du musst wandern". Since then, further hiking book projects: "Wandern" (2006) and "Das Neue Wandern" (2011), "Schritt für Schritt - Wanderungen durch die Weltgeschichte" (2016), "Wandern mit Kindern" (2018).
Since 2008 reportages for ZEIT, GEO SPEZIAL, MERIAN, the WANDERMAGAZIN.
Since 2012 regular hiking blog at andrackblog.de.
In 2020, the book "Mein Jahr als Narr" (My Year as a Fool) will be published by dtv, a jolly journey through the world of carnival, Shrovetide and Mardi Gras.

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