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Frieling, Ruprecht

Frieling, Ruprecht

Wilhelm Ruprecht Frieling is a German author and publisher known for his unconventional non-fiction books and volumes of reportage. He is considered a pioneer and icon of the author scene.

Frieling grew up in Westphalia. In 1968 he moved to what was then West Berlin, where he worked as a journalist after training as a photographer and editor. He published in German and U.S. magazines such as B├Ârsenblatt des deutschen Buchhandels, Westermanns Monatshefte, Memo, Der Feinschmecker, Weltwoche, The New Yorker and others.

In 1983, he founded the now legendary publishing house "Frieling & Partner," which he ran for twenty years. Under the slogan "Verlag sucht Autoren," he developed the company into the best-known and largest German publishing house for authors at the time, publishing around ten thousand texts by new authors.

As an author, Frieling published more than 40 books, including numerous guides for authors, the bestseller "Der B├╝cherprinz," as well as opera (ver)guides, poetry, and short prose.

Frieling published hundreds of blog posts, columns, reviews as well as dozens of books. He runs the review portal Literaturzeitschrift.de.

His motto is "Follow your star."

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