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sascha beek - sascha beek - einklang
sascha beek
1103 Musik
Release Date
Deep House
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Big record by Sascha Beek, aiming for body and mind with this Album. Einklang is an amazing culmination of the deep house sounds he's been making, bringing some house flavours and beautiful vocals to the game, resulting in a harmonious album. Einklang is perceptively, melodic,rousing and infectious!

DJ Feedback:
Paul Oakenfold
Great EP!

Gordon Hollenga (The Disco Boys)
Great work, full support, this a piec of you, very personal, very emotional, like!

Larry Tee ( Ultra Music)
nice one

Stoneface & Terminal
deep and emotional - like it.

Nick Holder (DNH Records)

Groove Guardian (Creaminal Grooves)
Very Nice LP

Tom Pusch (Schuetzenhouse Marlow)
full support ! ! ! amazing album

George Cooper (Ambassade Records (Pool e Music) // First Floor, Hof/Saale)
great album - love it - deep house vor your mind

Andree Wischnewski (Ostfunk // 040 Rec. // Mimique // Magdalena and other)
wow, its really great

Mirco Niemeier
Ein schönes Album. 4/5 Sterne für gutes arrangieren und Qualität.

Pierce (Parquet, Boxer, Get Physical, Stil vor Talent, MBF // various)
schönes album mit der nötigen vielfalt. kein einheitsbrei - gut und harmonisch! Danke!

TURM 3 (Boje Records)
5/5 Stars for the brilliant work! thank you for your music!

Radio Feedback:
Andi Durrant (Kiss FM UK,EDX,Chicane,PVD, BCM Radio Show)
Downloading for Andi Durrant/Distorted Productions. Tracks also delivered for EDX, Chicane, PVD and BCM Radio Shows.

Branko Jet (MDR SPUTNIK)
Eine wirklich schöne Release vom Sascha. Viel Erfolg! Ich werde definitiv ein paar Tracks in den Clubs und Sendungen anbieten.

Suz Curter (Ibiza Live Radio)
Absolute stunning album, well done. Great harmonies and arrangements. Difficult pick only one.

Brian Cheetham (Globaldancesession Radio Show)
nice ep

Chris Pearson (The Vibe, BFBS Radio)
Supporting on The Vibe on BFBS radio

Dj Bini (Ideal Club World Radio)
merci for these tracks