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CD Music Distribution – How it Works

Nova MD is the ideal distribution channel for your CD productions. We distribute your physical products to
online CD retailers as well as to shops specialized in sound carriers. This includes physical distribution
to big chains such as Saturn, Media Markt, Müller and JPC as well as to independent music shops and record stores.

Here you have an overview of our wide-ranging offer and of all our services for music media distribution.

  1. Physical CD Distribution
  2. Genres & Product Types
  3. DVD Distribution
  4. Phononet
  5. CD Production & Graphic Design (Cover Design)
  6. CD Marketing & Promotion
  7. Vinyl Distribution
  8. Digital Music Distribution
  9. How Does It Work?

1. Physical CD Distribution

Our distribution channels include CD wholesale and CD specialized trade across Germany,
Austria and Switzerland, plus online physical CD distribution, through which your CD production can be ordered
from all over the world. We distribute your CDs to Media Markt, Saturn, Müller, JPC, Weltbild,
Libro and to many other suppliers, included Amazon.

CD music distribution for us means that we manage the complete distribution process, from logistics to storage, shipping and administration. Media Control records your sales figures taking into account the German charts.

2. Genres & Product Types

Nova MD offers all current music styles and genres, such as rock,
pop, techno, EDM, dance, jazz,
classical music, world music and children’s songs. New Age and meditation products and guidebooks are
also available. We can distribute your audio books and radio plays too.

3. DVD Distribution

All our services apply to the distribution of your DVDs as well. That is why we can
offer the same distribution channels for your DVD production as well. Contact our
support team to get more information.

4. Phononet

We list your CDs and DVDs in Phononet’s ordering system so that your sound carriers reach the broadest
possible distribution. As Phononet is the most important retail platform for CD distribution, all retailers
or CD stores registered in Phononet have access to your CD. This is a prerequisite for a comprehensive
CD distribution.

5. CD Production & Graphic Design (Cover Design)

As we have a longstanding cooperation with CD manufacturing plants, we can collect
individual offers for your CD production. Normally CD production and distribution are interconnected.
We can also help you design the cover artwork of your covers and booklets. Our professional graphic
department is looking forward to receiving your requests.

6. CD Marketing & Promotion

We provide you with several promotion tools so that your release can get as much attention as possible. You can book these promotions through us.

Here you have an overview of all our services:

  • National and international press releases to more than 6,500 specialized journalists and decision makers of the music and entertainment industry.
  • Sampling of Sound Archives
  • Sampling of over 1300 Radio Stations
  • Sampling of Print Media
  • Professional Graphic Service
  • Sampling of DJ Campaigns
  • Sampling TV/Film
  • Facebook Promotions

To get more information about our CD promotions, do not hesitate to contact our label management.

7. Vinyl Distribution

In addition to our distribution services, we can boast a great expertise with vinyl
distribution. We supply all relevant online stores with latest vinyl releases. At the same time, we are a
vinyl wholesaler supplying many smaller record shops. Learn more about
our vinyl distribution.

8. Digital Music Distribution

You are looking for the ideal digital distributor for your music, audiobooks or eBooks?
We have got you covered. Through our in-house service www.feiyr.com we supply over 300 download shops and
streaming platforms, such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, YouTube and many more.
In addition to the international digital distribution
of your MP3, we offer many possibilities for marketing and promoting your music as well as drawing attention to your music production or eBook.

9. How Does It Work?

You have decided that your new release can see the light of day and you are wondering
how you can distribute your CDs on wholesale? Get into contact with us and request your CD distribution
agreement by filling the contact form. One member
of our team with longstanding experience in the music and media distribution will contact you as soon as possible.