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"Animant Crumbs Staubchronik" 2-times reader prize winner

"Animant Crumbs Staubchronik" 2-times reader prize winner


In the meantime, word has got around that "Animant Crumbs Staubchronik" by Lin Rina (published by Drachenmond Verlag) has already had incredible success. The bestselling novel was nominated 4x for the LOVELYBOOKS Reader's Prize 2018 and actually won twice. Animant Crumbs Staubchronik is the winner in the categories:

- best book cover
- Fantasy & Science Fiction

We congratulate Lin Rina and Drachenmond Verlag on this success!

You are now curious? Here you can get a copy:

"Animant Crumbs Staubchronik" (Audiobook)
"Animant Crumbs Staubchronik" (Book)