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Ilka Bessins Hörbuch "Abgeschminkt", die Frau, die Cindy aus Marzahn war

The Spiegel Bestseller by Ilka Bessin Now Available as Audiobook!


In 2 weeks it's time! The Spiegel bestseller "Abgeschminkt: Das Leben ist schön – Von einfach war nie die Rede - Die Frau, die 'Cindy aus Marzahn' war" by Ilka Bessin alias Cindy aus Marzahn will be published on the 18th of June 2019 as an audiobook.

A pink jogging suit, a flower in a blonde wig, thick make-up, the "Berliner Schnauze" (manner in which Berlin people speak) - and long-term unemployment. That was "Cindy aus Marzahn", who had a steep career starting in 2005.

Over the years, however, the role became too narrow for her creator; she wanted much more than "Cindy aus Marzahn" could do. 2016 was, therefore, the end. The fictional character was droped and made room for her inventor: Ilka Bessin.

On this release she speaks for the first time about her life: from her touching childhood to her unemployment to her time as a celebrated stage star. Her moving story is that of an exceptional artist.

An audiobook that touches you, makes you laugh again and again, and that's why it gives you courage! © 2019 by Audio-To-Go

As always, Ilka Bessin's audiobook is also available in all bookstores - both stationary and online. You can pre-order the audiobook here!