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Spiegel Bestseller 2018: "Glücksgeschichten" by Biyon Kattilathu

Spiegel Bestseller 2018: "Glücksgeschichten" by Biyon Kattilathu


Children are told stories to fall asleep - adults to wake up... Glücksgeschichten (Stories of Happiness) - "20 inspiring stories that have changed my life" by Biyon Kattilathu.

Already shortly after release Biyon Kattilathu managed to rank in the Spiegel-Bestseller charts on #5. Only on 28th April 2018 his latest audio book#BREAK of social media star (more than 300,000) was released, exclusively distributed by Nova MD and Feiyr.

The "Handelsblatt" wrote about him: "Biyon Kattilathu broadcasts wisdom and sayings to motivate on Facebook and YouTube - with tremendous success.

Biyon is convinced that any person is capable to reach their full potential, regardless of age, origin, social status and their past. No matter if young or old - these stories are touching, give hope and help you in any life situation.

The audio book is available in all common stores and can be ordered here.