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Vier Nova-Bücher im Finale der Skoutz Awards 2021: Tease and Please, Wir sind für die Ewigkeit, 17 Jahre. Ohne mich. Mit dir., Emotiondancer

Skoutz Award 2021: Four Nova Books in the Final!


Skoutz Award 2021: Four Nova books in the final!

We are delighted that four authors have made it onto the shortlist for this year's Skoutz Awards:

Tease & Please - Liberated and Ready
Bad Boys in a Hot Club by Philippa L. Andersson (SP)

We Are for Eternity - Hope
Family saga set against the background of the civil war and Franco dictatorship in Spain by Astrid Töpfner (SP)

Seventeen years. Without me. With you
An emotional 2nd chance novel by A.D. Wilk (SP)

Cyberpunk by E.F. von Hainwald (Gedankenreich)

Almost 4,000 votes were tallied and the finalists are now 39 books and four blogs. The winners will be announced in an online event at the beginning of November.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for our finalists!

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