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Die besten Bücher aus dem Jahr 2021 wurden von tausenden Leser gewählt und darunter haben es 6 Bücher von Nova MD geschafft.

These are the best books of the year 2021!


Thousands of readers have decided which books will receive the Readers' Prize 2021. Among the prize winners are two Nova MD authors and two Kampenwand Verlag authors, who won the following (6 in total) places:

Prize Winner Entertainment:
#11 Phoebe & Layla by Uwe Krauser

Prize winner children's books:
#9 Rosalie by Uwe Krauser

Prize winner romance novels:
#25 Very Bad Kings by J. S. Wonda

Award Winner Crime/Thriller:
#22 Verdorbene Brut by Andrea Reinhardt

Award Winner Young Adult Fantasy:
#11 Sister of the Night by Marah Woolf
#14 Zepter aus Licht by Marah Woolf

Congratulations to all award winners!