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Nova MD News

Das neue Kochbuch von Bettina Meiselbach

It is time that a new cookbook creatively showcased the qualities of pumpkin in 60 recipes and that these are presented in a carbohydrate-reduced form, without refined sugar, free of wheat and largely soya-free.

In addition, there is a whole range of information about the pumpkin and practical tips on how healthy eating can be implemented in a very uncomplicated way. The book "Powergemüse Kürbis - Fit und gesund durch de...

Jule Pieper ist mit

Almost exactly one year ago, the advice novel "das Buch deines Lebens" by Jule Pieper (Sandy Mercier's pseudonym) was published and was able to stay in the Bild bestseller charts for 4 months.

One year later, "das Buch deines Lebens" made it back into the bestseller charts at number 15.

Congratulations, Jule!

Die zwei von der Talkstelle im Gespräch mit Nova MD

Nova MD in Talk with author Tamara Leonhard and Vera Nentwich, cabaret artist, author and part of the German Selfpublisher Association (Selfpublisher Verband). You don't know us well yet and want to get a comprehensive overview of our services? Then you hav...


Wow! On June 20th the new novel "Sister of the Stars" by Marah Woolf was published and already last week she made it to number 17 of the Spiegel bestseller charts with her book.

Congratulations, Marah!

Das neue Magazin der

The new magazine: "Back dich schlank" was developed together with the Wölkchenbäckerei and the bpa publishing house.

An exquisite selection of delicious recipes for bread, cakes, pastries and other treats seduces our readers to feast and enjoy without regrets.

Dana exclusively tells us tip...

MORE THAN WORDS is the band of German singer Stefanie Hertel, daughter Johanna Mross and husband Lanny Lanner. On their debut album you can hear refreshing warmhearted county-rock-pop.

The three have been on stage since last year and were even allowed to accompany Bonnie Tyler on her tour as a special act in 2019. With their debut album HOME, the family band MORE THAN WORDS present their own compositions in the current, modern N...

Lara von Thea Wilk in den Bild-Bestseller-Charts

Just over a month ago THEA WiLK's debut thriller "LARA. der Anfang" was released and immediately made it into the BILD bestseller charts.

THEA WiLK is the thriller pseudonym of bestselling author A.D. WiLK. With her debut romance novel "Wenn du wieder gehst" she also made it into the bestseller charts.

LARA is also currently the No. 1 bestseller on Amazon and has already received almost 1...

Das neue Hörbuch von Erfolgscoach Biyon Kattilathu

On the 28th of April 2020 the new audiobook "Der Rikscha-Fahrer, der das Glück verschenkt" by Spiegel bestselling author Biyon Kattilathu will be published.

Biyon Kattilathu, child of Indian immigrants, is THE motivational entertainer in the digital space. Inspired by his own history, he has conquered the social media stage in a very s...

Bestseller-Autorin Marah Woolf wechselt zu Nova MD

Marah Woolf has been a bestselling author for years, and has sold over 1 million books/eBooks in total. She has also won many awards, including the first German Indie Author Award.

With her latest book "Fluch der Aphrodite", which will be published on March 6, 2020, Marah Woolf relies on the service of Nova MD. As always, the book...

Nova MD bei der Leipziger Buchmesse 2020

We are already in the midst of preparations for the Leipzig Book Fair and are looking forward to all the great encounters and conversations.

Do we already know each other personally? Or would you like to discuss your new project with us? Then get in touch with us and we will arrange an appointment so that we can find ...

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