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Hummel Holly im Märchenland: The Charity Project by Heiko Baumann

The children's book "Hummel Holly im Märchenland" is part of a charity project which was initiated by Heiko Baumann. In collaboration with the NCL foundation, the children's book author wants to call attention to the illness NCL (Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis or childhood dementia). That is why he published his most recent book &qu...

Drachenmond Verlag: Books with Lifeblood

Astrid Behrendt is author, founder and CEO of the publishing company Drachenmond Verlag. Since her heart has always beaten for books, she started working on her own books from home. Today she has a whole team in her publishing house, that support her as well as all her authors.

Drachenmond Verlag distributes their books and eBooks through...

Boost Your Sales with Attractive Covers for Books, Audio Books and CDs

Your book or CD is almost ready to be released and all you need now is a sharp cover, that is eye-catching for a potential buyer? Our graphic design team @ Nova MD designs unique book covers for authors, selfpublishers and publishing houses, that fit perfectly whether it's a thriller, fantasy novel or romance. Additionally we can also design your eBook or audio book cover as well as advertising material (such as logo, business card, flyer...

Spiegel Bestseller 2018: "Glücksgeschichten" by Biyon Kattilathu

Children are told stories to fall asleep - adults to wake up... Glücksgeschichten (Stories of Happiness) - "20 inspiring stories that have changed my life" by Biyon Kattilathu.

Already shortly after release Biyon Kattilathu managed to rank in the Spiegel-Bestseller charts on #5. Only on 28th April 2018 his latest audio book of Continue reading ...

Nova MD is now supporting member of the Selfpublisher-Verband

We decided to join the Selfpublisher-Verband as a supporting member to support selfpublishers and respectively our customers and to represent their interests. The organization for independent advocates for their members in many ways:

- lower VAT for eBooks
- cheaper ISBN
- better access to the book industry for indie...

Amazon's "Look Inside" Now For Printbooks

With the help of Look Inside! you can now also display partially the content of your printbook on Amazon.

Imagine: A huge bookstore with millions of books, which allows you to look through every one of them. Amazon wants to help it's readers to discover new books and make sure that they choose the right one.
How much of your book is displayed beforehand is decided by Amazon - it usu...

25 Years Ursprung Buam

The Ursprung Buam have been around for the past 25 years! What... only a quarter of a century? It feels longer... And that is meant as a compliment! The three musicians from Zillertal, Austria characterize the scene in their very own and unique way. The brothers Martin and Andreas Brugger have been on stage with their cousin Manfred Höllwart for the ...

New Album "Tonight" by RTL Dschungelcamp Star Sydney Youngblood

80s superstar Sydney Youngblood's comeback exclusively presented by Nova MD. Just in time for the German jungle camp “Ich bin ein Star holt mich hier raus” 2018, Youngblood releases his latest album “Tonight”.

The first single “Let The Music Play” has great potential to turn in to THE new summer hit 2018. Not only Sydney Youngblood thinks so, but also his manage...

Nova MD at Leipzig Book Fair 2018

On March 15 the Leipzig Book Fair finally opens its doors for 2,500 exhibitors and their visitors. Not only authors, publishers, distributors, journalists and bloggers make use of the book fair. But also readers will not miss out and can catch up on new publications, trends and their favorite authors.

Nova MD and Feiyr will be at the Leipzig Book Fair from March 15 until 18, booth D207 in hall 5.

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