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Great Promotion Tools
for Musicians and Authors

As your music and book distribution service we are interested that you can promote your releases in the best way possible. That is why we offer you a wide range of marketing tools that you can use for your marketing activities.

From promotions on Social Media and Amazon to the digital release of your work and the creation of your advertising material - they're all there!


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Amazon Marketing Services enables you to place your articles so that more potential buyers take notice of your books. Since there is a huge variety of books, it is sometimes hard to get the visibility that your work deserves. You can choose between:

Headline Search Campagne & Sponsored Products Campagne

Which shows your book on the very first search result page or within the search results.


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Imagine a huge bookstore with millions of searchable books to browse through. Amazon helps you to discover new books and flip through them to get a first impression, so your readers are pleased with their purchase.

With Look Inside! your author name and title, as well as part of the content your book, will be shown in the Amazon product search.


You also want to get in contact with your readers/fans through YouTube? YouTube videos allow you to interact with your readers/fans on a more personal level. You can inform them about news or make them get to know you and your books/CDs better.

If you want to become a part of the YouTube partner program you can monetize your videos through the advertisements that are placed before your videos. With the help of the Feiyr multi-channel-network you can also connect with other YouTubers so that you can support each other.


You would like to inform not only your readers about a new publication but also a specialist audience, journalists, big newspapers and media like Bild, RTL, Focus, Spiegel Online, Rolling Stone, etc.? In your Feiyr account you also get the possibility to issue a national or international press release.

6,500 journalists and almost 10,000 interested parties receive your national press release directly in their e-mail inbox. Get more traffic and publicity now!


Nova Link-it! is a free link generator that can combine multiple shop links into one. With this you make it easier for your readers/fans to order your book/CD in their favorite online store. As a bonus you get daily statistics to the click behavior of the users, so that you can efficiently manage your advertising campaigns.

Nova Link-it! was developed by our partner Feiyr. All you need to use the Nova Link-it! is your own Feiyr account and a release through Nova MD.


Online reviews are the word-to-mouth advertising of the 21st century. These recommendations are very important, in order to encourage more people to read your book.

With our partner NetGalley it's easy to win new readers and valuable reviews for your book. NetGalley is a network of book publishers, reviewers, media representatives, librarians, booksellers, self-publishers, bloggers and teachers.


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We have a professional graphic design team that provides you with support and advice to create the perfect cover for your book, CD or vinyl record that matches your style and genre. A unique and individual cover ensures your release is an eye-catcher and improves sales.

Do you need advertising material, such as business cards, flyers, autograph cards, posters or banners? No Problem! We help you to perfectly showcase you.


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Do you want to sell your book additionally as an eBook to optimize your sales? We provide you with a wide range of tools to support you in all matters. That involves converting your eBook into an ePub file and publishing it in more than 150 online shops worldwide. Of course, that includes the big players like Amazon Kindle, iBookstore, Tolino (Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel), Barnes & Noble, and Google Play.

To advertise your eBook in the best possible way we provide you with promotion tools like download codes, Facebook promotions, a link generator, your own homepage and many more.


We can also publish your digital audio book or radio play in almost 100 streaming and download portals all over the world, including among others Amazon, Spotify, Audible, YouTube, Tolino (Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel), Saturn, Deezer, and Pandora.

We also provide with a variety of promotion possibilities: download codes, Facebook promotions, radio promotion and print advertising.


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If you additionally want to publish your music CD or vinyl record digitally, you can sell your music worldwide in more than 120 online stores and streaming platforms, inter alia: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Beatport, Deezer, Pandora, and Phononet.

Lots of promotion tools are available for you: download codes, promotions on the radio and on Beatport as well as more tools for iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud, Shazam and many more.