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the house of usher - the house of usher - inauguration
the house of usher
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On their 9th album "Inauguration" THE HOUSE OF USHER start with the epic wide-screen song "Seagulls/Only Memories Remain" that reminds of U2's "The Joshua Tree" as well as EDITOR's "An End Has A Start". But when in the following tracks it is reduced you will closer to the music of the band than ever before. The sound of the whole album is like a professionally cut diamond and it has got even brighter reflections like "Hours Away" and "What If Christ Never Came", while songs like "Shadowside" appear relaxed and mature. There is a line in this song that says "I'm on my track like a train but I'm running out of coal" which doesn't apply to the band obviously as they prove in the powerful end of the album with "Tantalus Awake!" and "Famous Last Words", songs that call the SIMPLE MINDS in their zenith back to your mind.
After their nearly sold out album "Pandora's Box" THE HOUSE OF USHER were successful with their intention to create an album that doesn't mean deadlock on one side yet doesn't annoy their faithful fans as well.

Ganz weit holen THE HOUSE OF USHER auf ihrem neunten Longplayer "Inauguration" gleich mit ihrem ersten Song aus. "Seagulls/Only Memories Remain" lehnt sich an die epische Breite an, die U2 zu "The Joshua Tree"-Zeiten auszeichnete, wie auch an das legendäre "An End Has a Start" der EDITORS. Doch wenn diese in den darauffolgenden Stücken ("Call It Superstition", "Death And His Daughters") zu einer für die Band ungewohnten Intimität reduziert wird, hat man das Gefühl, nie zuvor so nah dran gewesen zu sein, an der Musik dieser Band.
Klangmäßig ist das gesamte Album mit einem edlen Schliff versehen, aus dem Glanzlichter wie "Hours Away" oder "What If Christ Never Came" noch einmal umso mehr herausstechen. Sehr relaxt und gereift klingen die fünf Musiker auf "Walk The Shadowside".
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