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los cuatro de la sala - los cuatro de la sala - mimos (club des belugas & jojo effect remixes)
mimos (club des belugas & jojo effect remixes)
los cuatro de la sala
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Tango is really natural and original music. Sometimes dirty, sometimes elegant, but always erotic, rhythmic and full of passion – it’s the vertical expression of a horizontal yearning (Teddy Peiro, actor from Argentina)
Los Cuatro de la Sala’s music gets immediately under your skin: acoustic, instrumental, real and pure. The 4 musicians (los Cuatro) come from deep space (de la Sala), this space can be an elegant concert hall, a wicked bar or simply a cosy lounge.
The quartet (accordion, clarinet, double bass, and guitar) take tango by its roots and interpret it calmly, yet with sensibility, you can’t resist its appeal. Each musician is an expert, each instrument has plenty of space to breath. Rhythm, passion, elegance, melancholy, yearning, honesty… Everything tango stands for has an incredible presence in their music.
The 4 musicians of Los Cuatro de la Sala have been performing together since 2003. Tango Manjar is their debut album with all tracks written by the band members. The musicians are also part of other projects including Till Brönner, Jiggs Wigham, Club des Belugas, WDR Symphonic Orchestra Cologne, Philharmonic Orchestra Cologne, WDR Radio Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra Bochum, Symphonic Orchestra Novosibirsk, Bigband POJP, Jazz-Kollektiv Oktoposse ....

Tracks from Los Cuatro de la Sala have been remixed by:
Tape Five, Jojo Effect and Club des Belugas

Accordion: Alexander Pankov (intern. award winner “Golden Accordion” New York)
Clarinet & Saxophone: Guido SimonDouble
Bass: Matthias Matze Bangert
Guitar: Martin Schulte