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Alea Jacta - Alea Jacta - Tales of void and dependence
Tales of void and dependence
Alea Jacta
Art Gates Records
Release Date
Article Number
AGR- 171
This five-pieced Metal combo is one of the leading acts from The Canary Islands (Spain). The sound of the band is defined as a blend of screaming vocals, heavy and sharp guitar riffs supported by a basis sounding like a steam roller, all these elements combined define the sound of Alea Jacta. After performing in the entire country and releasing several EP's and line up changes Alea Jacta is now immersed in the creative process of their first full length which will be released worldwide through Art Gates Records on November 24th.

1. Prologue
2. Anastrophe
3. Sense Of Loss
4. The Others In Us
5. Insight
6. Swimming With A Lead Lifejacket
7. Praying For ... (Prelude)
8. Your Presence
9. Searching For A New Self
10. Son
11. The Loop
12. Interdependence
13. Hypsteria
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