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Deathproof - Evolve or Die

Deathproof - Evolve or Die

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Release: 24.11.2017
Musicstyle: Rock
Label: Art Gates Records

Deathproof - Evolve or Die

Articlenumber: AGR- 169
EAN: 8429006080298


DeathProof was formed in the city of Valencia (Sp) in 2010, this five-pieced combo executes a combination of Thrash/Groove Metal mixed with contemporary influences, characterized by a very complex wall of guitars and fast devilishness. After the release of their debut ”Abuse” and touring throughout Spain and Germany, DeathProof faces this year as a renewed band. The band is right now immersed in the postproduction process of their second full length ”Evolve or Die”, recorded at Millenia Studios (Valencia) by Raúl Abellán ([IN MUTE], Noctem, Noah, Nodriza ...) who acts as mixer and producer. Set up to be released on October 20th (Spain) and November 24th (Worldwide).