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SYNC24S - SYNC24S - Comfortable Void (Remastered)
Comfortable Void (Remastered)
Release Date
Electro / EBM
Article Number
Composing Comfortable Void was “a real struggle for me”, said Daniel Segerstad in a 2012
interview, “the album changed shape two or maybe even three times. When I found the path,
and actually gave it the title Comfortable Void things started to fall into place. [...] The outcome
sounds nothing like I initially intended, and it's probably for the best”.
This Sync24 album is heavily inspired by the very moments when Segerstad was in “a state of
inner peace, when I find myself in my studio without distractions and it feels like I become one
with my equipment. And I finally managed to put words to that feeling, to me it's a Comfortable
Void.” Originally intended to be an uptempo album, Comfortable Void ended up being another
perfect ambient/psybient piece by one of Carbon Based Lifeforms two halves, where tracks
recall battle droids (“Nanites”), dreams set in a concrete maze (“Oomph”) and a whole range of
diverse ideas and concepts.
Named as one of the best electronic/ambient albums of the year by several online mags,
Sync24 sophomore full-length was released on CD in 2012, and has been out of print since,
hence here at Sidereal we thought it would be best not only giving it a new CD edition, but also
making it available on wax for the first time ever.

1. Comfortable Void
2. Inadvertent
3. Dance Of The Droids
4. 1N50MN14
5. Nanites
6. Sequor
7. Something Something
8. Oomph
9. Wake (Live Edit)
10. There Is No Spoon
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