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Ha, Yunju - Ha, Yunju - Chu-sun
Ha, Yunju
Production GOGEUM
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"4innori is a group created by Yoon Seogyung, Lee Youngseop, Shin Hyunseok, and Lee Haeja so they can have fun with music. Based on a deep understanding of Korean traditional music, they freely play music without the restrictions of genres or the makeup of their instruments. They freely jump through the brisk and lively melodies of Sinawe, a folk music genre from the southern regions of Korea that is full of spontaneity, as well as melodies from various regions of Gyeonggi, Gangwon, and Chungcheon. They use diverse aspects of Korean traditional music to form new melodies and rhythms. Although this freedom and spontaneity may often sound like discord, the music from 4innori has a unique beauty with its own standards and harmony. It is only possible because of the artists’ deep understanding and reflection of Korean traditional music and
instruments, which is their musical background. This album contains music that was made through the spontaneous exchanges between artists and finely strung notes. Listeners will experience intuitive music and reflect upon the components of Korean traditional music and intimate organization that are woven into each song. 4innori’s first album, 4innori, is filled with an endless sense of freedom from the soul of Korean music
that penetrates the hearts of people today. The music is made complete once it reaches the ears of the listeners."
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