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Ricky Inch - Ricky Inch - Galaxy 77
Galaxy 77
Ricky Inch
Ossom Records
VÖ Datum
Ricky Inch a.k.a. Riho Ints has been producing house music under the moniker since 2008. He's been asked to remix heavyweights of the genre on regular basis, you'll find his remixes and productions on Estonian and international record labels. The remix roster features N'Dea Davenport of the Brand New Heavies, US soul stars Marc Evans, Kimara Lovelace, Pepper MaShay, Inaya Day, Pete Simpson, Stephanie Cooke, Brian Lucas, the reigning house producers Andy Ward, Cool Million, Montana & Stewart, Raxon, Toomy Disco, Rony Breaker, Claes Rosen, Juan Mejia, Steve Mill, Muzzaik to list some of the active heads. It's been his pleasure to produce for / with awarded Estonian artists like Sofia Rubina, Tiger Milk, P. Julm, Dave Storm and musicians Siim Aimla, Jorma Puusaag, Tanel Kuusk, Heiko Remmel, Holger Marjamaa & many others.
Ricky's debut album "Galaxy 77" is an endeavour to his musical galaxy, a full composition of his daily journey. Throbbing to the shades of house in it, call it space disko to categorize the vibe for you need. Yeah, the bold 'k' stands for the crispy, electronic and edgy corners of the sound, that we are not used to hear in ordinary disco. Released on his own Estonian native Ossom Records the album really is an international affair featuring artists and collaborators from USA, Greece, Bulgaria, Sweden, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia!
In a nutshell, don't knock, this is ossom!

01. Connections (feat. Todor Gadjalov)
02. Side Effect
03. Galactic Ride 77
04. Sentimental Man (feat. Brian Lucas)
05. Really Want To Know (feat. Thaliah)
06. Stringo & Brasso
07. The Way I Do (feat. Nat Mor)
08. Space Funk
09. Potatos On Mars
10. Lone Jet
11. Dolce Vita Duty
12. The Message (feat. Jasmine Chloe)
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