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Wonda, J. S.

Wonda, J. S.

Jane S. Wonda has been writing suspenseful romance novels and romantic thrillers under her pseudonym since 2015, in which Spice is not to be missed. Even as a child, she made up stories in play, took the longest time to write each essay and was artistically gifted. But since no one wanted to advise her to pursue a breadless art and become an author and designer, she first studied industrial engineering and computer science, only to end up faced with the choice of writing a bachelor's thesis or her next bestselling eBook.

Fortunately, she chose the latter. Today she lives with her husband, dog and children near the beautiful Weserbergland and is glad that no one in kindergarten knows what she writes about.

In January 2023, Jane made it onto the Spiegel Bestseller Charts with "Very Bad Kings" (Volume 1 of the Kingston University series).

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